Access to the data

To obtain SILO data you first need to log in (if you don't already have an account, please use our original system). Alternatively, you can log in to SILO using your AAF credentials.

To provide fair access to all users, point data requests are subject to a download limit of 6GB per month. Your quota is reset on the first day of each month and you can view your request history and remaining data allowance on the My requests page. Please note that point data requests are included in your download usage, but there is no limit on the amount of gridded data that can be downloaded from AWS Public Data.

SILO's gridded datasets can be accessed using the methods outlined on our gridded data access page.

SILO's point datasets can be accessed using either our web interface or web API:

Web interface

An interactive interface that allows users to:

  • search for stations by name or number
  • view metadata about each station, including the amount of observed data
  • select stations and grid points
  • select the file format and variables required.

After you submit your request, you will receive an email when the data are available. Depending on your request it may take a few seconds, minutes or hours to prepare the data. The email will contain a link to the My requests page where you can download the data and view your request history.

The web interface is useful for new users, and also for exploring the available point data (e.g. station number or the latitude/longitude of grid points) which can then be accessed programmatically using our web API.


The API provides a RESTful interface for requesting point datasets. It can be used for streaming data back to you in real-time, for:

  • display in your browser
  • use in your own custom application
  • archiving data using command line tools such as curl or wget.

To construct your API requests, you can refer to the API instructions and explore the available data using the interactive web interface.

The API is useful for automated or repetitive downloads.