Data updates

Users should be aware that SILO data are constantly evolving:

Recent datasets grow rapidly as new observational data are added (while some stations report in real-time, it may be several months until data are received from all stations);

Older datasets may grow slowly as hand written (paper-based) records are digitised; and

All datasets may undergo minor changes as a result of error detection programs undertaken by SILO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Clients requiring a static dataset for analysis should download and archive their own copy of the data.


Significant updates to SILO are listed below:

November 2017

A test dataset was loaded for customer preview.

Please note: these data should only be used for evaluating the new system; they should not be used for any operational or research purposes.


Modifications to the observed data, station coordinates or algorithms affecting derived data are listed below:

None to date.