File formats and samples

SILO data are available in a range of customisable formats.

Point datasets

A continuous daily time series of data at either recording stations or grid points across Australia.

Point datasets are available in a range of predefined formats tailored for use in popular models and decision support systems:

Standard – station  |  grid point

All datastation  |  grid point

APSIM – station  |  grid point

P51 – station  |  grid point

RAINMAN – station  |  grid point

CenW Forest Growth Model – station  |  grid point

Monthly – station  |  grid point

Century – station  |  grid point

The "all data" format is subject to change.

Point data are also available in customisable CSV and JSON formats:

JSON – station  |  grid point

CSV – station  |  grid point

The CSV and JSON formats contain data for only those variables selected by the user.

Gridded datasets

Gridded daily climate surfaces which have been derived either by splining or kriging the observational data:

The data are provided in NetCDF format and arranged in annual blocks. Each annual file contains all of the daily grids for a given year and variable (or 12 monthly grids in the case of monthly rainfall).

Example demonstrating how the NetCDF data can be viewed, manipulated and analysed are provided on the gridded data page.