Uses and initiatives

SILO provides data to the Queensland Government, other state and federal agencies, the CSIRO, Universities, consultants and landholders. These are some of its many uses:

SILO provides the climate data used by:

  • CliMate, a mobile app for climate analysis. It was developed for the Managing Climate Variability Program.
  • SoilWaterApp, a mobile app for estimating soil water during fallow and early crop phases. It was developed for the Grain Research and Development Corporation.

SILO rainfall data are used for assessing drought conditions in Queensland.

SILO data have been used by CSIRO for evaluation of agricultural development feasibility.

Modelling of reef catchment water quality for the annual Great Barrier Reef Report Card.

The SILO data system began in 1996 as a collaborative project between the Queensland Government and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Building upon the "Climate Data Bank" which the Queensland Government had previously constructed for biophysical modelling, the collaborative project aimed to extend the product's scope from Queensland to national coverage, and was initially funded by the first national Climate Variability Program.